So what is this thing with uniqueness, hand painted ceramics and the fact that originality matters? Every unique customer enjoys something unique to them – or the recipient they intend to present the item to so why not indulge your customers with something special, products that simply ooze Andalucia but at the same time are different both from economy imports and from themselves? Here at Andalucian Exports we work differently offering hand painted ceramics from one of the most established ceramics manufacturers in the business and who vigorously still maintain their values as a family run, high quality and original operation in southern Spain.

5 Killer USP’s for Hand Painted Spanish Ceramics:

Made in Spain: Customers appreciate authenticity so when it comes to Spanish ceramics importing them directly from Spain speaks volumes, colours are vibrant, original and quality is way above the rest. Each item is also quality checked individually before being accepted to ensure that colours and design are of the correct standard ready to hit the shelves either virtually online or in the bricks and mortar retail outlet.

Stamped & Approved: Stamped with ‘Made in Spain’ – simple works.

Unique: Probably the best unique selling point of the bunch and the fact that each individual Spanish ceramic piece is painted by hand. Seeing this in action in the factory is quite extraordinary and the detail is incredible. As a result each piece from a distance may look the same through colour and design but for those customers searching for a unique piece this can be guaranteed through the simple nature of ‘painted by hand’.

Frost Resistant: When it comes to frost resistance all Spanish hand painted garden pots are made and glazed to be resistant to frost so no matter where you are, which country you are in customers garden pots will withstand cold winters.

Colours: From tableware to garden pots your colours are typically Spanish from deep reds and oranges to Granada blues and Jaen greens. Pieces (particularly for the customer who is able to pick up the item, feel the weight and eye quality) are surprisingly heavy, sturdy and very vibrant.

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