Knowing where products come from and how they are made can be a crucial USP for any business, especially if your investment comes in the from of stock from abroad. Here at Andalucian Exports we try to be as transparent as possible, offering you a rare behind the scenes the look at production, how products are made and the detail required to produce the end product. The videos below may be a little rough around the edges as they were taken in situ during visits to several of our producers but we hope they offer an indication of the skill involved in making some of the items available and a little insight behind the day to day production right here in southern Spain. Note that these videos were made for our sister site ‘Orce Serrano Hams‘.

Hand Painted

This terracotta plate was hand painted during a visit to a terracotta production factory showing both the skill and speed involved in painting Spanish ceramics. The kind of skill demonstrated here takes years of practice and was a privilage to watch – the plate itself turned up fired and glazed with our next order..!

Hand Made in Spain

Juan Manuel operates from the town of Guadix in the Granada province, a small father and son operation who also own the ‘cave museum’ opposite his studio. All of Juan’s ceramics are made by hand, this video looks at his skills behind the potters wheel and also his infectious enthusiasm for his work. Juan also makes his own clay which can be obtained for potters and artists within the EU.

Making Cazuelas…

Old fashioned techniques meet modern product in this short video. Demonstrating how these clay dishes are formed the use use of machinery is obvious but behind the scenes of this production factory lies a 100 year old press which still produces the clay made in using cazuelas and terracotta cookware.


Granada Textiles

A visit to this family producer threw up an old wooden loom which had been restored and is used today for making custom fabrics as well as Andalucian jarapas. Modern machinery produces textiles quickly however the hand finishing and embroidery make these items unique. This particular producer specialises in ‘Arabe’ material used for making curtains, sofa covers and other home-wares. Read More >