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With the popularity of Nenuco in the UK and other Europoean countries it is no wonder that Facebook has become one of several platforms from which to retail Nenuco. Andalucian Exports delivers Spanish toiletries to many businesses in the UK and when it comes to top selling brands like Nenuco, Flor, Heno and the like, Facebook is a primary channel from which to market and sell the product while promoting both bricks and mortar stores as well as market stalls and other forms of retail distribution.

As a famous, branded Spanish product the unique USP is scent and it has not taken long for Nenuco and similar products to really take off, starting with a nervous, tentative foothold in the UK market demand has increased rapidly over the last few years. Nenuco is, a fantastic product and has been around in Spain for decades now, something that is used in almost every household (especially when it comes to toddlers and bath time).

Facebook is an ideal place to begin a Nenuco venture and an avenue from which even the youngest entrepenuer can achieve a foot in the market but watch out there will be fierce competition! In truth there is enough market space (literally and digitally) out there for many new businesses and the popularity of Nenuco is now filtering out of its initial bubble and seeking a new a client base not just in pockets of the UK but further afield.


Top Nenuco Facebook Tips:

  • Be competitive, margins are healthy but recognise your catchment area and customer base, monitor competition (they will be monitoring you) and keep prices keen.
  • Be aware of older Nenuco lines – particularly those with sell by dates such as childrens sun cream. (note that all stock from Andalucian Exports is checked, fresh and fully in date)
  • Don’t get caught out – have your stock in place before accepting customer orders.
  • Get photographic, use imaging software to create Nenuco packs and gift ideas, an image speaks a thousand words and Facebook is very photo friendly!
  • Run a competition, get likes, shares and comments and build your venture through social networking (make sure the prize is a good one for the lucky winner!)
  • Use your wheels – home delivery works, take orders online and build your customer base locally.
  • Get creative, use the tools that Facebook allows and network new products, deliveries, markets as and when they happen – get customers engaged in your page as regularly as possible.
  • Learn bulk savings (and shipping) – purchasing wholesale from Spain represents significant savings, filling a pallet to maximum capacity reduces price per unit.


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