Spanish Textiles

Wholesale Spanish textiles are available in a number of patterns and designs, known as ‘Arabe’ material it is manufactured in the Altiplano region of Granada and has been used for decades usually in the form of a curtain. As its most common use which can still be seen today in Spanish villages the ‘Cortina de la Calle’ or street curtain is hung outside the front door to prevent dust and heat entering the home. Arabe material is hardwearing and also typically Spanish with a Moorish influence through its colours and complex patterns.

Minimum Order 10 meters

Today, this material is steadily growing more popular with exports to as far afield as Australia and Japan, the material itself can also be used to make a whole range of products which is an interesting prospect for the textiles business with ideas such as hand finished cushions, sofa covers, bed spreads, throws and even table runners. Rolls of material can be acquired in lengths of 10 meters.

Pattern Examples:

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*Made to measure curtains available upon request ~ minimum order 6 units.

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