Spanish Magno Toiletries

Wholesale Spanish Magno toiletries  to compliment your existing Spanish toiletries range. Customers can now enjoy the full range of Magno shower gels including Gold, Marine, Platinum and Classic as well as the famous black magno soap and deodorant. A firm favourite in Spain and one of the oldest brands around Magno has a unique fragrance which your clients will enjoy, introduce Magno to your portfolio of products and offer a complete range of Spanish bathroom products from some of the very best in brand names.

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Ordering Procedure:

  1. Request and receive price list.
  2. Email Andalucian Exports your requirements.
  3. Receive ‘pro-forma’ (including delivery quote) for approval.
  4. Pay for consignment.
  5. Receive your delivery.

Receiving Your Delivery:

  1. Note that a digital image of your pallet will be emailed to you prior to delivery.
  2. When your delivery arrives please write down any observations you have on the courier slip.

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