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The Spanish cazuela may be the most famous of terracotta cookware but there are many more variations of terracotta cooking vessels – all of which are available in a selection of sizes. Terracotta cookware is used on a daily basis in Spain and can be found in every Spanish kitchen, its versatility allowing it to be used in a variety of cooking scenarios such as cooking in the oven, on the gas hob, in the microwave and also outdoors on the barbeque grill or open fire. Terracotta cookware can also double up for serving food as well with smaller examples of trays ideal for Spanish tapas and salads, as well as being aesthetically pleasing Spanish clay cookware can also be varied through its uses and cooking purposes.

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Increase your current cookware range with typically Spanish terracotta frying  pans, casseroles, baking trays and pots. Below are a few examples of what is available, all terracotta cookware is made in the Andalucian region – for further details and to discover the full range direct from the manufacturer – please request a price list.

Terracotta Cookware

terracotta pots

terracotta cooking vessels

spanish cooking pots


Terracotta ‘Gres’

wholesale gres cazuelas

spanish terracotta plates

high heat cazuelas

Gres terracotta cookware comes in the majority of the same range as standard terracotta including all sizes of standard cazuelas and all types of cookware items (including some tableware). The main difference between gres terracotta and standard terracotta is durability. Gres terracotta clay is fired at a much higher temperature and is also glazed twice meaning it can withstand higher temperatures making it ideal for clay ovens and other high heat cooking.


All Terracotta cookware including all sizes of Andalucian cazuelas are available in the gres design.

Just like the terracotta cazuela other items of cookware will need to be seasoned by soaking in water. As a general rule, the larger the terracotta piece the longer it will need to be soaked – our recommendation is overnight for larger pieces or those that will be subject to heat over the gas hob, in the oven or on the barbeque.

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