Wholesale Fa

Wholesale Fa Spanish toiletries, Fa is an exciting Spanish brand offering a broad range of products from deodorants to shower gels. Ultimately fresh and with a distinctive edge Fa has fast become one of the most popular brand names in the industry and is becoming increasingly popular outside Spain.


Combine Stock

Pair up with other Spanish toiletries for combined delivery.

Fast Delivery

Quick turnaround from Spain, pallets within 6 working days.

Exciting Brand

A great time to introduce Fa with its new and exciting range.


Ordering Procedure:

  1. Request and receive price list.
  2. Email Andalucian Exports your requirements.
  3. Receive ‘pro-forma’ (including delivery quote) for approval.
  4. Pay for consignment.
  5. Receive your delivery.

Receiving Your Delivery:

  1. Note that a digital image of your pallet will be emailed to you prior to delivery.
  2. When your delivery arrives please write down any observations you have on the courier slip.

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