wholesale smoked paprikaWholesale Smoked Paprika

This smoked paprika is of the highest grade and carries the ‘Denominacion de Origen’ quality stamp, production processes are regularly monitored and the end result is a smoked, aromatic paprika which has been produced using a combination of traditional and modern methods. Smoked paprika comes in three grades:


Dulce – Sweet paprika

Agridulce – Bittersweet paprika

Picante – Hot paprika

Minimum Order 100kg

There are also seven different sizes in which to choose from small tins to 25kg sacks making this product the ideal choice for bulk buying and also retailers who require neatly packaged products for display.

Tins: 125g & 250g

Bags: 250g, 500g & 1000g

Sacks: 5kg & 25kg


Minimum order for smoked paprika – 100kg

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