Spanish Flor

Spanish flor ukSpanish Flor is an increasingly popular brand both in the UK and throughout the EU. Taking on the scents of Nenuco and Heno de Pravia as well as its own scent for a range of products Flor has a firm footing in the Spanish home market for fabric softeners and room fresheners. An essential range for your Spanish toiletries inventory and one that will keep your customers coming back again and again.

Wholesale orders are available on all Flor products and can be coupled with ie: Nenuco for pallet shipments from Spain direct to your door via International courier.


Ordering Procedure:

  1. Request and receive price list.
  2. Email Andalucian Exports your requirements.
  3. Receive ‘pro-forma’ (including delivery quote) for approval.
  4. Pay for consignment.
  5. Receive your delivery.

Receiving Your Delivery:

  1. Note that a digital image of your pallet will be emailed to you prior to delivery.
  2. When your delivery arrives please write down any observations you have on the courier slip.

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