Wholesale Spanish Hams & Chorizo

Wholesale Spanish hams from Andalucian Exports is the sensible choice for businesses seeking quality products at the very best prices. We do not deal in mass produced Spanish hams but concentrate on smaller family run producers in the altiplano region of Granada. Our hams have been subject to careful sourcing since 2005 and have become known as among the finest Serrano hams available online. Now available in wholesale quantities these hams are carefully selected by hand and each one tested for maturity before being dressed in muslin and packed ready for dispatch. Choose from local whole bone-in hams as well as boneless hams and ham pieces in bodega and reserva grades.

Minimum Order €300

wholesale spanish ham

wholesale spanish ham pieces

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Spanish Chorizo

wholesale spanish chorizoAndalucian Exports can offer Spanish chorizo as well as other sausages including morcilla (black pudding), salchichon and cuts of cured lomo tenderloin. All cured embutidos arrive vacuum packed and are packed the same day as dispatch to ensure freshness.

Chorizo, sausages and lomo are made locally in the Altiplano region by small family butchers and represent some of the very finest in Andalucia. These products are ideal for high end businesses who deal in authentic produce and are looking for flavour and quality for customers who recognise the very best in Spanish sausages. Chorizo is available in three different types: ‘Dulce‘ (Sweet), ‘Picante‘ (Hot) and ‘Fire‘ (Very hot). All sausages come with ingredients labeling and EU sanitary certificates.


For further information on all Spanish embutidos and to request a price list please contact us. Your minimum order is €300 + shipping direct from the Spanish butcher (shipping calculated by weight).


Premium Quality

Only premium quality Spanish ham and cured meats, no mass produced/large scale packaged products.

Spanish Butcher

Direct from the Spanish butcher & curing house for the finest quality and authentic flavour available..

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